Xtreme Slots – Free Slots For Smartphones


Slots are one of the most played games of chances ever. They’ve achieved a huge expansion to internet and online gambling sites. Over the two thirds of online games of chances are slots. You can even play them on you smartphones. One of the best and most popular slots played on smartphones are Xtreme Slots. What are their advantages over other slots and what makes them so popular?

kkTo start playing Xtreme slots, you should go to the App store or Google store and download it. The games installation file is a larger one, but it should be downloaded and installed very quickly. Once installed, you should open the game. At first it asks you do you want to sign in with Facebook in order to get some improvements like money, leaderboards and progress saving. If you pick guest option, you are starting to play and the first game is Lucky Mermaid. You will soon make a progress to second level and you should connect to your Facebook account. After a third level you are free to play the next game and it is called Treasures of the Niles. What comes after this is something that you should figure out.

These slots are very amusing and fun. You should easy figure out how to play games like this. All of that can be used as a good practice and tactics developer if you ever decide to play for real money. These slots are made only for amusement purposes and you should enjoy playing it.

kjMost of advantages compared to other smartphone online games are some bonus features and most important you can play it offline. This means that you don’t need Internet connection. All of the games are available for offline play. This means you can play it on your smartphone anywhere. Some of the new feature is wheel spinning and there you can acquire some of the bonus points. You can send gifts and check out your Facebook friend points and status. There are new games almost every week and they are making it more funny and more interesting. The game is offering more languages so you should pay attention to this.

1.Slots-by-Shark-PartyThe game does uses a lot of battery so you might want to plug your charger in. Interface is just great, graphics are awesome. Everything is happening really fast. It’s easy to understand and to figure out how stuff is working and the rest of it is just luck. First games are very easy and you should advance in to the next levels very easily. If you are making considerations about gambling and playing games of chances for fun and you don’t know which one to chose, take my advice and pick this one. It is offering much more than any other.

Anyway, this is very interesting and fun game of chances. It’s very simple to use and it’s available to anybody anywhere. Send gifts, share your slot successes with your friends on Facebook and just have fun playing slots. Good luck.